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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Simple answers to the most common questions about dumpsters

W3Schools.com How do I rent a Dumpster?

Using a Dumpster rental company does not have to be hard. The simplest way to rent a dumpster is to contact a local dumpster rental company like Charlotte Dumpster Rentals who owns the dumpster, the trucks and employs the drivers. You can tell these companies because their name and phone number is on the side of the container. If you rent a dumpster from one company and a different company delivers the dumpster, chances are you rented the dumpster from a broker (middle-man or intermediary). When you rent from a broker, the broker is your main contact regarding scheduling service and billing questions yet he or she has no control over the actual service. If you rent directly from a local dumpster rental company like Charlotte Dumpster Rentals, you have one contact that handles every aspect of your rental service.

    W3Schools.com What can go in the dumpster?

    The trick is not putting things in the dumpster - but getting them out! The dumpster is large and can hold almost anything, however not all debris can be disposed of at the same place, so not everything can go in the same dumpster in an environmentally responsible way. By glancing our debris type and choosing a dumpster page you can get an idea of what is best for your project. If you are unsure, then contact or call us at 704-727-6688.

      W3Schools.com What is the price of a dumpster rental?

      Unfortunately, the answer is "It Depends" but the good news is that you are in control since it is based on your project. The reason it depends is because how and where customers plans to use a dumpster can vary a good bit from that of another customer. The primary factors that impact the price include:

      • What is being disposed of? This could affect where we need to take the material to be dumped.

      • How much material is being disposed of? In most cases, we get charged by the ton at landfills - more weight equates to more cost.

      • Where is the service location? Gas and time obviously differs based on distances.

      • How long is the dumpster needed on site? There is always an opportunity cost associated with additional time.

      • How many times and how frequently the dumpster needs to be serviced. More frequent servicings can equate to greater savings.

      To try and make this simple, we offer online packages and custom quotes for complex projects. Charlotte Dumpster Rentals commits to be upfront with your questions and transparent about how we price.

      W3Schools.com How does billing work?

      Sometimes billing for dumpster can go through an intermediary. If you have a Charlotte Dumpster Rentals with our name and phone number on it but did not buy it from us then we fulfilled the job for an intermediary and you have to go through them on billing.

      For our Direct Customers, billing and payment for a dumpster is based on 2 parts that fit with the dumpster.

        1. On-Site fees: including delivery, usage and pickup and

        2. Off-Site fees: the disposal of the material and any subsequent charges.

      The On-Site fees are billed up front, generally upon receipt of a firm order.

      The Off-Site fees, if any, will depend on the amount and type of material that are disposed of which we don't know till we have dumped the material and it has been measured by the landfill's scales.

      W3Schools.com How do I pay for a dumpster?

      Charlotte Dumpster Rentals accepts all major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and Debit Cards.

      If you are a contractor and interested in opening an account with us, please contact us about a credit application or call 704-727-6688.

        W3Schools.com How long can I keep a dumpster?

        We have different packages that include different usage periods which range between 4 days and 21 days available on-line. If you need long-term and recurring service, please contact us for a quote. The most common usage periods are 7 days, 10 days & 14 days.

        On average a dumpster is on site for a project an average of 8-10 days before being picked up and generally with each pickup the "clock" starts again for that dumpster for another usage period.

          W3Schools.com How far ahead of time do I have to schedule ?

          For the best and most predictable service schedule the dumpster well ahead of time - as soon as you know you need it. If you need to change, just call or text us to make the change and we'll do it if we can - sometimes the schedule is full and changes will result in a delay since most of the work that we do is scheduled ahead of time. If schedule details critical to the job then you it is a good practice to:

          • Schedule as early as possible,
          • request a specific time, and
          • request notification when the driver is en route via either SMS or a phone call or both.

          W3Schools.com Will my dumpster pick-up service be scheduled automatically?

          Charlotte Dumpster Rentals does not auto schedule pick-ups. You must call or text us and get confirmation from us. We do it that way because we don't know if your project is complete or not and we don't want to pick the dumpster up before you are ready.

            W3Schools.com Do I have to be present when the dumpster is delivered?

            While many customers prefer to be present upon delivery, it is not necessary. If you are not present, the driver will exercise their professional judgment to interpret the placement instructions you provide. If you have particular instructions or are worried about incidental damage than we recommend that you are on-site.

              W3Schools.com What do I do if something is not right or I need to make a change?

              For our direct customers, call us at 704-727-6688 for change orders, questions or concerns and we will work to address your concern. If we delivered the dumpster on behalf of an intermediary or a contractor, you will have to talk with them.

                W3Schools.com How much will a dumpster hold?

                Literally, our dumpsters hold "Tons" of stuff, but most people think in terms of volume or bulk but there are different ways to think about how much fits in a dumpster listed here.

                • Our 10 yard dumpster is equal to 4 pickup truck loads.
                • Our 10 yard dumpster swapout is equal to 4 pickup truck loads.
                • Each dumpster can accommodate up to 4 tons of material or 8,000 lbs.

                You can read more about our dumpsters online.

                W3Schools.com Will the dumpster scratch my driveway or damage my lawn?

                While our drivers are very skilled and experienced, our dumpster and trucks are large and heavy. If placement details are important to you, talk to our team and we can mostly likely either use satellite or roadway imagery to review your dumpster placement in advance and put the notes on the work orders. When considering placement of the dumpster, please keep in mind that we cannot be responsible for incidental damage to property while doing what you ask us to do and this includes (among other things) damage to paving surfaces, lawns, overhead branches or wires; our usage instructions and service terms include important details about our agreement with you.

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