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Project Types

Dumpsters offer convenient, cost effective and environmentally safe disposal


Residential New Construction and Remodeling

Building a new home or adding to an existing home is exciting and presents unique opportunities for efficient waste disposal. These projects are a great fit for our dumpsters and we handle residential projects every day. Increasingly, homeowners have environmental concerns about their construction waste, and we always take our waste to a licensed disposal facility. Our responsive and reliable service helps address many of the priorities of these projects including.

  • Project timelines
  • Efficient disposal
  • Bin placement and site considerations

    Commercial New Construction & Remodeling

    Commercial projects have clear goals driven by tight timelines, commercial building codes, and site considerations. Because Charlotte Dumpster Rentals understands that Contractors have a challenging job and need a dependable solution we've built our company to work the way you do.

  • Responsive and reliable service
  • Text, email or call - we communicate the way you do
  • Prescheduled, same and next day service options
  • pre-planned disposal needs for grading, concrete, etc.

    Household clean-out

    As kids grow up, people and families change over time. Many times families need to purge the old stuff that has built up. A great way to dispose of household material that has built up and is no longer useful is a roll-off dumpster. If you have disposal questions give us a call or contact us and we can help you plan your project. Typical considerations for this type of project include:

  • making sure there are no hazardous materials
  • planning disposing of household contents like appliances, HVAC, etc.
  • thinking about the schedule and the weather to fit the work into a weekend or two

    Land Clearing, Storm Debris and Yard Waste

    These projects range dramatically in size. A typical job might involve modest size renovation that impacts the landscaping with grading, shrub removal, and perhaps some tree removal. Sometimes, a shed or other small structure or some demolition of the primary structure is involved. Key considerations for these projects include:

  • Separation of green waste and demolition debris
  • weather & site readiness - often when there is landscaping there is lots of mud and this can impact the ability of equipment and our trucks to operate
  • grading - the soil can be surprisingly expensive to dispose of once the costs of transportation and disposal are factored in.

    Roofing & Restoration

    In roofing and restoration jobs, speed and timing are critical. In addition, these projects can produce a large amount of very heavy debris. Our open-top dumpsters load quick and easy and can handle large bulky items. Additionally, our same and next day service options give you confidence to schedule the work. If you have a large project, it can be helpful to coordinate ahead of time for pre-scheduled or on-call service options so your project is not delayed.


    Industrial sites have specialized and complex needs - sometimes waste is a by-product of your operations and sometimes there is in-house construction or reconfiguration that generates waste. Additionally, some factory waste is a good candidate for recycling due to high volumes and regular production, as is the case for gypsum, metal parts, or packaging materials. We can setup recurring service options and consult with you on your specific needs.

    Recurring & Temporary Commercial or Multi-Family Service

    Many retail businesses create large amounts of waste disposing of waste products and/or packaging. Sometimes the waste material is too bulky or otherwise not suited for a front-loading commercial dumpster. Many local businesses contain both a showroom and a shop which makes their waste needs unique. Frequently a roll-off dumpster can provide a compelling waste disposal alternative to a traditional commercial dumpster and Charlotte Dumpster Rentals work well for many project types both large and small.
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